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Oh, to have a state leadership like AZ Governor Jan Brewer, who didn't buckle under pressure or waver against resistance. She has stood in the gap for the peoiple of Arizona all the way to the Supreme Court. She put the law before special interest and lobbyist. She has stood firm, as Alabama leaders start to cave in to pro-illegal alien demands. Such indecision makes one feel, as if we have been played for a fool. The legislators who feel "embattled" for supporting H.B. 56 will have to answer to a betrayed constituency; if they flounder. They should stand fast and allow the court system to work.

However, everything changed with 9/11. After the September 11th terrorist attacks, the focus on border security increased dramatically, and many Canadians with old criminal records have suffered the consequences.

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Legal citizenship is important because many jobs require documentation such as a green card or visa. If you are limited to only certain jobs your pay might now be sufficient. Immigration law is strict when applied to companies or corporations; they do not want to take risks. To add to this, it is actually a crime to be an illegal immigrant and you face the pressure of possibly being deported if you are ever in trouble with the law.

When consulting with your green card lawyer, always be completely truthful about your situation and needs. Keeping the truth from your lawyer can result in serious consequences that can hinder your case or result in legal action.

Recently we read of Governor Robert Bentley and Attorney General Luther Strange seemingly kowtowing to the pro-illegal crowd. Their use of semantics like striking, tweaking, or reworking H.B. 56 to describe weakening it. They are intentionally fumbling the ball before the play is finished. Let it go through the court system like AZ S.B. 1070. They want to hollow it out leaving a paper tiger of a law.

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